"He beat the price of my old janitorial service by a considerable amount and he does an amazing job - and he cleans places I didn't think to even look - he has gone above and beyond ... he's wowed me!" ~ Jennifer - Copart Auto Auctions


Jennifer - Copart Auto Auctions, https://www.copart.com/locationDetail/24/

"After their first weekend cleaning here - every staff member and every department head stated how much cleaner the place looked and smelled. There were areas that we never thought would get clean ... " ~ Robert - Hudson Highlands Nature Museum

Robert - Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, https://www.hhnm.org/

"They do an excellent job cleaning for us - he's become like part of the team here. Our customers actually rave about how clean our store is and our bathrooms. That's pretty unusual for a retail store - they're unbelievable!" ~ Nicole from Viscount Liquors

Nicole - Viscount Liquor, Manager


"He's just done a good job - attention to detail - and in a medical facility it's very important; as a matter of fact very very often people will say to me: 'this is the cleanest medical facility I've ever seen' ". ~ Dr. Steve Weinman- First Care Walk-In Medical Center

Dr. Steve Weinman, MD